Ridiculous Things You’ll Only See in Dubai

When you have a nation where every 1 out of 100 citizens is a millionaire, you are bound to see some extravagant displays of wealth and excess. Just look above at this Rolls Royce (a 400K car) being used as a lawn ornament!

But uber-wealth doesn’t always breed class or style. Sometimes the things the Middle-Eastern nouveau riche choose to spend their money on are a little mind-boggling. Check out these 18 ridiculous scenes from Dubai to see what we mean.

All Gold Everything

The rich taken their bling VERY seriously in the UAE, and it seems like gold is the standard color most things come in. This solid gold Lamborghini is made out of 500kg block of solid gold and was on display at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show with a pricetag of 7.4 Million USD.

Exotic Pet Rides

Money ≠ Brains. This is shown no better than this picture of a dubai millionaire taking his PET LION for a ride. This guy is lucky he is wasn’t lion food.

Underwater Getaways

The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort was a proposed mega-project that actually sunk a few years ago. It was envisioned to have 220 luxurious suits 65 feet under the sea, with a goal of being the world’s first 10 star hotel. Various engineering and financial obstacles have put this project on hold, but it may just become a reality in years to come. In the meantime, the Atlantis hotel in The Palm, Dubai offers Poseidon and Neptune suites set in an aquarium for those who want to feel like they’re staying beneath the ocean surface.

Police Car Fleet More Expensive Than Your House (and everything you own)

Even the local police like to ride around in style. Dubai spent $6.5 million on a fleet of high-speed luxury patrol cars including a Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. You can’t have the criminals driving around in fancier cars than the cops, can you? Turns out the crime rate in Dubai is relatively low, so this is mostly all for show.

Camel Beauty Contests

All Emirati people do take pride in their humped-back pets, but you won’t see as many camel beauty contests in Dubai as in Abu Dhabi. One annual event, Camel Mazayna, draws over 15,000 dromedaries and prizes are given for the fastest, “milkiest,” and most beautiful creatures.

Phones More Expensive Than Your Car

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, but does your phone cost as much as a full year at an Ivy League University? Probably not.

Gold ATMs

Paper currency is SOOOOOO last tax bracket.

Completely Free Food Kiosks

The dispersal of wealth among the population is, well… extremely poor. There is virtually no middle class, the 1% control just about everything, and the remaining 99% lives in severe poverty. While that subject is too deep to go into now, it’s nice to see that some charitable humans have been setting up these kiosks around Dubai.

The World’s Tallest Skyscraper

In the land of superlative extremes, it’s no surprise Dubai lays claim to the world’s tallest building. The striking Burj Khalifa stands at 2,722 feet (829.8 m) and is the centerpiece of the modern skyline. If architects elsewhere try to top its 163 stories, we suspect Dubai would just expand it up to keep hold of the record.

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