Mozilla’s Things Gateway to help bridge communication gap between home devices

Want to build your own smart home hub where gadgets actually talk to each other? Mozzila’s Project Thing has a devoted group of people who want to help you do that.

Coming back to June last year, Ben Francis said the team at Mozzila was working on a “Web of Things” framework of software and services. He said the goal was bridging the communication gap between connected devices. They were to provide the devices with web URLs and a standardized data model and API.

You can controle all your smart home devices via a single web interface using a Raspberry Pi. This Things Gatewat is an open source home-automation control solution, said Lee Mathews, Liliputing, and runs on the Raspberry Pi. Mozzila made it official with this 2018 update:

Today, we are pleased to announce that anyone can now build their own Things Gateway to control their connected device directly from the web.

Once that Gateway is set up, it guides you through the process of connecting to your network and adding devices. You get a secure URL for accessing and controlling your connected devices from anywhere. Some features of the latest release of the Things Gateway are:

  • The ability to use the microphone on your computer to issue voice commands;
  • Rules engine for setting ‘if this, then that’ logic for how devices interact with each other;
  • Floor-plan view to lay out devices on a map of your home;
  • Device type support;
  • Add-on system for supporting new protocols and devices;
  • A system for safley authorizing third-party applications, via OAuth;

Mozilla envisions an open and decentralized Internet of Things with standard data models and APIs to make them interoperable. Simply put, the goal is that devices talk to each other.

More information here.

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