iMac Pro – The most powerful Mac which you can buy

Apple is famous in the “creative” world for their systems from Pro series. Among those we find laptops, desktops, even All in One systems. It’s been a while since Apple released a new Mac Pro for desktop. They decided to release a new series of MacBooks Pro and an unique AIO: the new iMac Pro.

iMac Pro is an All in One dedicated to video and photo editing, but it can do so much more! This little beast comes with a configuration with a Xeon W’s proccesor with 18 cores and 36 threads alongside with a special grafic card, Radeon Vega Pro 64 with 16GB vRAM HBM2 instead of 8GB, as we were accustomed to. Another quality that comes with iMac Pro is it’s his superb screen with a 5K’s resolution.

As for the price, you should start investing for this AIO system. In principle, iMac Pro is used in production studios and it is not for casual users. Even so, you can still install Windows, using dual boot or a Parallel Desktop, for gaming.

On standard version, iMac Pro comes equiped with a Xeon W-2140B with 8 cores, 32GB RAM, a SSD of 1TB and a Vega Pro 56 graphic card of 8GB vRAM HBM2. iMac Pro offers us 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports so you can connect two more 5K desktops. Also, it comes with a SD Ultra High Speed card reader.

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