Acer Predator 21X, a laptop which you can use for “super” gaming

If you want something more than a TV or a desktop with curved screen you are lucky. Acer decide to show up with a laptop with curved screen, first in the world, at a price of almost $9.000.

Even with that price, if you are a “gamer” and money are not a problem for you, Acer Predator 21X it is a “must have” for you. Acer Predator 21X comes with an Intel Core i7 from 7th generation, 64GB RAM memory, an HDD and an SDD of 1TB both, 5 cooling fans, IPS curved screen of 21″(2560×1080 with a refresh rate of 120Hz) and two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphic cards. This list it is completed with a Killer DoubleShot Pro network interface controller, capable of choosing the best and fastest conection to the internet (Ethernet or wireless). Thundebrold 3 being disponible through a USB-C port, with a speed of 40 Gbps.

The full-size mechanical keyboard comes with Cherry MX Brown keys, with an individual program RGB who offers us 16.7 millions colors. This big keyboard allows us to transform the numeric keyboard to a Precision Touchpad and vice versa. Beside of his extravagant and unique design, this laptop weighs approximately 8 kilograms. For a safe delivering, every Acer Predator 21X comes inside of a solid bag, a bag capable to deposit the laptop and his accessories

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